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This is an example blog post for your newly created Imorph website

This is an autogenerated blog post that has been published at the time of installation of your website. This is to show you how a blog post works inside imorph.

This post is only to give you an early setup and understanding of the system and you should delete this once you know how to create a blog post.

This blog is created to show you how different types of text and styling are possible in imorph's blog. For example, below this line, you can see a divider element. You can even select and drag that element anywhere. And not only this divider element, but any element can be dragged.

This is heading 1

The above is a heading1 or primary heading. Although in your blog you should not use the heading tag or h1 tag due to SEO purpose (because the title will anyway be in h1), but if you want, you can use.

Heading 2

The heading 2 is more of a smaller heading that the heading 1. However, as imorph supports all kind of CSS updates, you can style the elements the way you want.

Heading 3 it is

A much smaller heading is heading 3 which uses an h3 tag under the hood. Apart from these heading tags, you can also use bold texts like this, or italics like this one,  make your text underlined, or strike through them.

How about writing some bullet points as following:

  • Some bullet point.
  • Another bullet this is.
  • Bullet number 3 can go here.
  • The final bullet.

You can even quote a line like this one.

You have probably noticed that I used highlighted tags like this one earlier.

So, w

By Imorph Support

tag 1tag 2tag 3